Better Blues Phrasing with Matt Schofield and Jeff McErlain

I am VERY excited to bring you this latest master class with my friend and monster guitarist Matt Schofield!

Musical phrasing is the method by which a musician shapes a sequence of notes in a passage of music to allow expression. - Wikipedia

Phrasing can be one of the most elusive, least understood, and least taught musical concepts. It also happens to be one of the most important aspects of anyone’s playing. Good phasing is key to becoming a better player, developing your own style, and tapping into self expression.

In the Better Blues Phrasing Master Class Matt and I will discuss techniques and concepts to help you develop your own phrasing and voice. How to take a simple idea and expand upon it, how to pace and build a solo, create excitement, and more. The master class is excellent for all levels of players.

Matt and I are looking forward to seeing you!



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