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Go Beyond The Pentatonic Scale in this


One of the biggest problems I had in my playing in my own playing, and I one of the main questions I get asked from students is, “How do I break out of just using the pentatonic scale when soloing?”.

Like you, I’d hear my some of favorite players doing things that were just out of my reach and I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. It seems so advanced it would be frustrating. So over the years, and a lot of teaching and practicing, I’ve put together ways to teach more advanced soloing in a more accessible way.

👉I’ve designed this Masterclass to help you along that journey to next level blues playing.

I’ve methodically broken down specific concepts to help you incorporate arpeggios, chromaticism, improve phrasing, create melodies, longer lines and phrases, rhythmic ideas, making the changes, and more.

It’s about baby steps, one idea at a time. That one idea can open many doors, then another idea, etc. The best part about this is it’s fun!

👉As always tab, notation, and backing track will be provided.

The end goal of this course is to increase your confidence in your own abilities and technique.

The Details:

The Masterclass will be held LIVE on Zoom on Saturday August 12th at 1pm EST.

👉If you can’t make it live, you can watch it as many times as you like on the replay once you enroll.

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