🔹Tired of playing the same old pentatonic licks on a blues?

🔹Do you listen to guys like Robben Ford and wonder what the heck he is doing?

🔹Do arpeggios seem overwhelming?

🔹What’s a mixolydian scale?

🔹How do I use triads?

🔹Is the idea of adding chromatic notes freely into your soloing seem out of reach?

Well, I’ve designed this Master Class just for you.

In the Improve Your Blues Soloing Master Class I’ll show you what you can do over a single dominant 7th chord. I’ll dig deep into mixing major and minor blues scales, dominant 7th arpeggios, chromatic notes, triads, phrasing, and, more.

The beauty of this one chord approach is that we can explore all the options on the one chord without worrying about anything else. As we know a blues is made up of three dominant 7th chords, so what we learn on one dominant 7th chord can apply to all of them!

That may seem overwhelming but I’ve developed a way of showing this information that is easy to understand, digest, and I’ll give you concrete examples to help you get this information your playing right away.

The Master Class also comes with charts, tab, notation, and backing tracks for all the examples.


The Improve Your Blues Master Class is now available instantly, on-demand. Just sign up and you will have instant access to the Masterclass.

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