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Music is a language. When learning a new language we start off learning small conversational phrases. We then move onto connecting those phrases into complete sentences and eventually develop fluency. This is the foundation of learning a language.

The blues is no different, Foundation Licks | Blues Edition will equip you with 25 foundational phrases that are essential to playing the blues well.

👉We are building your BLUES VOCABULARY to help you play the blues fluently. 

I’ve specifically chosen 25 concise phrases to help you build your vocabulary quickly!

✅ Small ideas don’t become overwhelming. You can learn these phrases quickly and easily. 

✅ By learning short phrases, it is easier to learn how to connect them.

✅Working with Shorter phrases makes it easier to hone specific techniques thus strengthening your musical foundation.

Each of the phrases contain specific techniques that apply to blues and rock guitar. Techniques like, bends, vibrato, slides, hammer-ons, pull offs, and more. All each phrase can be used across any blues situation, so one idea can be used in multiple grooves, keys, and genres. 

🚨Each lick comes with a backing track, tab, and notation so you can work on these ideas on your own.

So let’s build your blues vocabulary together with Foundation Licks | Blues Rock Edition

Build Your Blues


✅ Step-By-Step Video Lessons

✅ PDFs with TABs

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