Like legions of guitarists, Jimi Hendrix is one of my favorites. Of all the things I learned from him, it’s his rhythm guitar playing that has most integrated it’s way into my playing. It was always a mystery to me how he was creating these ideas, and I believe I have cracked the code!

In the Hendrix Rhythm Guitar Master Class I’ll show you what I believe Jimi was thinking when creating masterpieces like “Wind Cries Mary”, “Castles Made of Sand”, “Little Wing” and more. I’ll even show you how these ideas made their way into his lead playing as well. BUT, the main idea of this Master Class is to show you how you and “Hendrixize” any chord progression, improvise using these techniques, and use them freely.

It’s really quite simple to do, all you need to know is some chords and a pentatonic sale. I’ll show you the key phrases and ideas Jimi used to to get you going. All examples will come with tab, notation, and, backing tracks.


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