The minor blues is an exceptionally important variation for every guitarist to know but is often overlooked.

Some of the most famous classic blues tunes are like Devil’s Got My Woman, The Thrill Is Gone, All Your Love, As The Years Go Passing By, to blues rock classics like, Since I’ve Been Loving You, and, Shine On You Crazy Diamond. So as you can see just by those titles alone, it’s something well worth diving into to expand your playing.

In the Mastering The Minor Blues Master Class I’ll show you the standard form and all it’s common, and not so common, variations. I’ll take you through rhythm guitar ideas, chord voicings, and, chord embellishments. I’ll also show you some soloing ideas and conceptsto help you make the changes like a pro.

What’s Covered in The Masterclass?

  • Common Minor Blues Form
  • Minor Blues Form Variations
  • Rhythm Guitar Ideas and Inspiration
  • Chord Voicings
  • Chord Embellishments
  • Soloing ideas and Concepts

Included Materials

  • PDFs with TAB & Notation
  • Backing Tracks


The Master Class will be live on Zoom in Sunday, October 16th at 1pm ET.

Can’t make it live? No worries you can watch it on the replay anytime you’d like once you enroll.

As always, everything covered in the master class with have tab, notation, and, backing tracks for you to follow along and work with on your own.

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