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Discover a New Freedom with The Pentatonic Scale

I’m really excited about my new course, Mastering Pentatonic Connections!

The pentatonic scale is the primary scale used to solo in blues and rock, but I have found many players feel stuck in their pentatonic boxes, and, are tired of blues licks.

I used watch my favorite players move around the fingerboard with ease and freedom and wonder how they are doing that. 

Mastering Pentatonic Connections will give you simple and effective ways to break out of the pentatonic boxes. You will learn how to connect pentatonic scales and ideas, and move around the fingerboard freely.

👉You will see and understand the pentatonic scale both vertically and horizontally.

Throughout the course, you will dive into exercises taking you through, one, two, and three string approaches to connecting your pentatonic scales.

You will learn to master 4, and 6 note grouping ideas to help with those great cascading pentatonic sounds we hear people from Jimmy Page, Eric Johnson, and, Joe Bonamassa play.

But most importantly, you will learn the fingerboard in a fun and methodical way.

You will be given practical, real life examples and licks that you can use right away that employ these concepts.

This will build your confidence, and, help you to create your own ideas.

As always tab, notation, and backing tracks are included.

I hope you check out Mastering Pentatonic Connections, it will help you become a better player!

Master the Pentatonics

Discover a New Freedom!

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