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Would you like to breathe some new life into the pentatonic scale?

Want to expand your vocabulary outside of your standard blues licks?

Then you need to check out Creative Pentatonics | Minor Edition!

The mighty pentatonic scale is of course the primary scale we use in blues, rock, blues rock, and more, and it’s awesome, and, has endless possibilities, but there is so much more this simple scale than meets the eye.

In Pentatonic Creativity | Minor Edition I’ve designed a simple and fun way to show you how you can use the familiar pentatonic scale to tap into new sounds.

Since you already know the scale, you can easily incorporate these ideas into your playing.

👉 By the end of the course, you will be creating new sounds,

expanding your vocabulary, and spurring on your creativity.

I’ll show you how so use the pentatonic scale in a non blues fashion by using shapes, string skipping, horizontal motion, intervals, how to superimpose other pentatonic scales, how to mix pentatonic scales, and more.

I even give you some essential pentatonic patterns to work through to get these ideas under your fingers and into your playing!

All examples come with tab, charts, notation and backing tracks.

I hope you check out Pentatonic Creativity | Minor Edition

Breathe New Life Into Your Pentatonic Licks!

✅ Step-By-Step Video Lessons

✅ Downloadable PDFs with TABs

✅ Downloadable Backing Tracks

✅ Watch the course from any browser or use the Teachable iOS App!

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