Peter Green was one of the most influential blues and blues rock guitarists ever.

From his smashing debut replacing Eric Clapton in John Mayall and The Blues Breakers to being the founding member of Fleetwood Mac, his unique approach can still be heard today.

The influence his playing has had on me is substantial, and after years of studying his playing I am extremely happy to bring you the Play In The Style of Peter Green Master Class.

In this Master Class I’ll show you the key elements of Peter’s playing to help you better understand his genius and help you get some of that into your playing.

I cannot stress enough that you don’t need to be a huge Peter Green fan to learn and enjoy this course.

He was primarily a blues guitar player and what he played can be applied everywhere.

In the Play Like Peter Green Master Class I’ll show you his use of mixing major and minorpentatonic scales, the natural 6th in his soloing, key bends, phrases, and, licks, outlining the chord changes.

I’ll do this by giving you specific examples from some of Peter’s seminal works like Stop Messing Around, If You Be My Baby, Jumping at Shadows, and Need Your Love So Bad.

As always all the examples will come with tab, notation, and backing tracks.

What’s Covered in The Masterclass?

  • How to add Peter's style of Mixing Major and Minor to Your Playing
  • Using the Natural 6 to add flavor to your solos
  • Key Bends
  • Essential phrases and licks to add to your repertoire
  • How Peter's creative chord changes can easily be added to your playing

Included Materials

  • PDFs with TAB & Notation
  • Backing Tracks


The Master Class will be live on Zoom in Saturday, October 29th at 1pm ET.

Can’t make it live? No worries you can watch it on the replay anytime you’d like once you enroll.

As always, everything covered in the master class with have tab, notation, and, backing tracks for you to follow along and work with on your own.

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