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Play Blues... By Yourself!

I'm really excited by my new course Solo Blues Guitar. Being able to play a solo blues has been one of the most satisfying, fun, and instructional things I have ever worked on. It’s usually the first thing I do when I pick up the guitar.

Working on an unaccompanied blues has helped me with my time, feel, dynamics, vocabulary, and more. It’s built my confidence in all of those aspects as well. It also solves the dreaded “Play me something” request that often freezes us in our path!

In this course we will work through 4 solo blues tunes in the key of E. These 4 blues are based on must know classics like Rolling Stone Blues, Catfish Blues, Rambling On My Mind, Baby What You Want Me To Do?

By learning these classic riffs we learn the vocabulary of the blues.

👉The ideas used in one song can be easily applied to just about any other blues tune.

You will also learn the skill of being able to improvise within a set framework of the 12 bar blues. I remember thinking early on in my career, that playing blues rhythm guitar was boring, until I realized I wasn’t doing it right. It’s the subtle variations, feel, and, time that make it a living interactive thing.

One of the key elements of a well played blues is dynamics. Anyone can play a blues, but it takes a lot of time to play the blues, a lifetime actually. Learning to control and incorporate dynamics while playing is essential to any musician, in any music for that matter. In this course I will help you get your dynamics together.

You will also learn a handful of essential turnarounds, how to mix chords and riffs, and start you off on how and where to put in fills. The course will provide you with the tools for you to explore your own ideas.

As always you will have access to TAB and notation to help facilitate your learning.

I hope you check out Solo Blues Guitar, I really think you’ll enjoy it, no matter what love you are at!

Play The Blues

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