Actively Incorporate Major Triads Into Your Soloing for Improvising AND Creating Your Own Solos.

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Improvise and Create Incredible Solos!

So you have been putting in the work are have started to get a handle on your major triads, that’s fantastic. Now what’s the next move?

Let’s put them to work and start to use them to improvise and create the kind of solos you have always wanted!

In Soloing With Major Triads I have come up with a step-by-step method to teach you how to use triads, hear triad resolutions, and, how to super impose the major triads over other chords to create some very cool and vary familiar sounds. 

The course is divided into three sections:

👉First I’ll show you how to use the major triads in a rhythm context to add some new depth, and, color, to your color playing.

👉Next I’ll show you simple triad resolutions phrases using the three diatonic major triads. These phrases will dramatically add to your musical vocabulary.

👉Finally I’ll show you how to use these phrases over a number of backing tracks so you can see how they work, and then try them on your own.

This course doesn’t have long involved solos for you to learn and memorize, instead, I am giving you the tools to actively incorporate major triads into you soloing for improvising AND creating your own solos.

If you are ready to out in the work and have a lot of fun doing it I think you’ll love Soloing With Major Triads.

Soloing with Major Triads

Improvise and Create Incredible Solos!

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