Improve Your Blues Rhythm in this Workshop!

I’m very excited to announce my latest masterclass: The Building Blocks of Blues Rhythm Guitar!

As guitarists we tend to focus on lead guitar playing, well, because it’s cool! But in reality we spend the vast majority of time playing rhythm guitar in any situation, but conversely spend the least amount of time working on it!

I can tell you across the board with my students, this has been the biggest weakness in their playing, and it was in mine as well. One of the reasons we don’t spend a lot of time on rhythm guitar is that guitarists often see it as boring. I am here to tell you I find it just as fun as soloing and equally creative.

In the Building Blocks Of Blues Rhythm Guitar Masterclass I will show you the important chord voicings and rhythmic patterns you need to improve your blues rhythm guitar chops. The cool thing is that these ideas are not just for beginners, you will use these voicing and rhythms forever as they are standard blues vocabulary. Over time you will refine and embellish them but, it all starts with these. 

In this Masterclass I will take you through 3 blues tunes using these different chord voicings and rhythms in different keys and positions. I break everything down into simple terms and no theory background is needed and it accessible to most levels. I’m looking forward to helping you improve your blues rhythm guitar skills!

What is included?:

  • Instant access to the 90 minute workshop
  • PDF's and Tabs of the content covered
  • Backing tracks! Yes You will be able to download and keep the backing tracks I used during the workshop!
  • Access to the recording of the workshop so you can watch it as many times as you like.

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