The Complete Triad Bundle

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This Will Change the Way You Play Guitar!

Triads are by far one of the most important things you will ever learn on guitar.

Having a firm understanding of triads will allow to navigate the fretboard in a way you never thought possible.

In the triads bundle you get four essential triad courses that will give you an incredible understanding of triads across the fretboard and how to apply them in both rhythm and soloing situations!

The Bundle Includes 4 Incredible Courses!
🟢 Mastering Major Triads

🟢 Mastering Minor Triads

🟢 Soloing with Major Triads

🟢 Soloing with Minor Triads

Each Course INCLUDES!

✅ Step-By-Step Video Lessons

✅ PDFs with TABs

✅ Studio Quality Backing Tracks

✅ Jam Along Sections to use Your new Skills

✅ Watch the course from any browser or use the Teachable iOS App!

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